The Case for
Best-in-Class Purchasing Automation and 5 Ways to Achieve It

“Purchasing automation” may sound like just using electronic systems to buy pharmacy products. But best-in-class purchasing automation is a critical piece of your pharmacy’s success. Our white paper features best-in-class purchasing automation practices from Pharmacy Solutions, LLC and IPS Speciality, LLC, a SureCost customer leveraging people, process, and technology to drive greater purchasing savings and efficiencies. Watch our quick video to see a preview of what's covered in the white paper. 

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5 Ways to Achieve Best-in-Class Purchasing Automation

This paper will show you how SureCost delivers best-in-class purchasing automation as a:

  • Single source for the best purchasing options from all of your vendors
  • Hub for connecting all purchasing processes and relationships 
  • Catalyst for efficiency that streamlines your work
  • Flexible support empowering your team built by experts and customized to your needs
  • Optimizer for relationships with primaries, GPOs, and other service providers

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