Let SureCost Help You Stay DSCSA-Compliant

The U.S. Congress passed the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), effective November 27, 2024, as a measure to protect customers against pharmaceuticals that are counterfeit, tainted or stolen. DSCSA imposes a number of new compliance requirements on pharmacies and we're here to help.

Introducing the SureCost DSCSA Compliance Packs!

The SureCost DSCSA Compliance Packs helps pharmacies exceed DSCSA regulatory compliance without complicating their work. It delivers pharmacies with consistency, accountability and convenience through a complete strategy, lowering the stress related to compliance. 

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Consistency: Seamlessly Track Every Transaction

Maintaining DSCSA standards requires precise data management. SureCost’s DSCSA Compliance Packs instantly scan and capture DSCSA mandated data, ensuring consistency across all your transactions. Identify and flag any discrepancies and store compliant transactions for up to six years with ease.

Accountability: Streamline inventory Management

Stay on top of your inventory and product data effortlessly. Our single interface system provides a centralized location to manage and track crucial product information. Match physical receipts to vendor-provided EPCIS data right at the time of receipt, ensuring accountability at every stage of the supply chain.

Convenience: Simplify Compliance and Audits

With SureCost, managing compliance becomes a breeze. Our mobile app scanning feature allows you to capture core receiving data directly tied to vendor EPCIS files, maintaining compliant inventory with electronic records for potential audits. Ensure DSCSA data is accurately accounted for as inventory moves through your pharmacy.

The SureCost DSCSA Compliance Bundle delivers:

  • EPCIS v 1.2+ data retrieval from compliant vendors
  • Rolling 6-year data retention of DSCSA barcode data
  • Reconciliation of DSCSA receiving data with Vendor EPCIS
  • Quarantine and track non-compliance traceable items
  • Multiple Traceable Receiving and Transfer reports
  • Free pharmacy implementation and support

Book a 30-minute consultation with us today to discuss:

  • How SureCost's DSCSA Compliance Pack will help your pharmacy stay compliant
  • A personalized demonstration of our solutions 
  • The right strategy for how your pharmacy can save more, stay compliant and work smarter