Calculate Your Annual Cost of Goods Savings AND Time Savings with SureCost in Seconds

On average, SureCost customers save 2-5% off their cost of goods, year over year. PLUS, they typically save 50% of the time they used to waste on purchasing and inventory management. Input your purchasing volume and hours spend managing purchasing, and we'll show you what you'll save with SureCost.



The savings with SureCost graphic is only an example, based on a conservative average monthly and annual savings calculation of current SureCost retail customers; the exact savings will vary per customer.

Please note, this calculator uses averages based on the most common profiles of customers across four key classes of trades from a recent representative client sample. The calculation is based on these averages and the accuracy and completeness of any data entered. All calculations are estimates for general illustrative purposes; they are not intended as guaranteed savings or advice and they should not be relied upon in that regard.