Smarter Inventory for GPO Member Pharmacies with SureCost 

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Through our work with GPO member pharmacies, we understand that pharmacies manage some of the most complex inventories processes. To stay competitive and effectively serve patients, you must do more than use an electronic system for inventory. This white paper will show why GPO member pharmacies need best-in-class automated inventory and how SureCost delivers those capabilities through Smarter Inventory.

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Best-in-Class Inventory Automation Ensures Your Pharmacy:

  • Always has the right products on hand for patients while replenishing efficiently and on time
  • Instantly validates the amount and value of your inventory based on what you dispense in real time
  • Connects inventory to purchasing and other processes and systems so you can drive efficiency and streamline your work
  • Is adaptable and flexible to proactively account for changes in business without manual user intervention

The Key to Successful Pharmacy Inventory Validation


Achieving profitability and forecasting expenses requires accurate inventory management. Manually counting inventory can be time-consuming and prone to errors. With SureCost, you can automatically track your inventory daily and gain valuable business insights.


Plus, with its purchasing integration, SureCost provides real-time visibility into the actual monetary value of your products at the price you paid and much more! 


The Benefits of Efficient Process Integration


Eliminate manual errors and simplify your inventory management with SureCost. Gain complete visibility into your inventory with a unified solution that combines inventory and purchasing. Say goodbye to tedious data aggregation from disparate systems.


Whether you have a large team or a diverse vendor portfolio, SureCost will keep everyone accountable and informed, streamlining your operations.

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